AREA 51 – Groom Lake Nevada Test & Training Range

Area 51 is located in Southern Nevada about 80 miles North Northwest of Las Vegas and is the site of much mystery and speculation.  The site is officially known as Groom Lake, but the CIA calls it the Nevada Test and Training Range.  A “flying dish” purportedly crashed in New Mexico and was later transferred to Area in 1951 and perhaps that is why Groom Lake is often called Area 51.

Art Bell, on his “Coast To Coast” radio show, has done many shows on Area 51 and his and other broadcasters and members of the media have done much to foster interest in the site.

Area 51 was, and probably still is, used to develop and test spy planes including the U-2 , which was shot down in 1960 by the Soviet Union.  The plane was recovered  by the Soviet Union and the pilot, Francis Gary Powers, was held prisoner for about four years before finally being released.  Also, the “Oxcart”, which is a plane designed by the CIA trat travels at three times the speed of sound at 90,000 feet, was developed at Area 51.

The Area 51  border warning signs state that photography is prohibited and the use of deadly force is authorized, and in 1974 astronauts aboard Skylab 4 were instructed not to photograph Area 51, and that  was the only place they were instructed not to photograph, which would seem to indicate that no other spot on earth was considered to be as sensitive as the area.

Some of the conspiracy theories include reverse engineering of alien spacecraft, weather control experiments, time travel activities related to “One World Government”, exotic weapons development and meetings with extraterrestrials.

Some movies over the years have referenced Area 51 including “independence Day” in 1996, which includes Roswell, New Mexico and Area 51.

Professional baseball also gets into the act in naming one of its Triple A team the “Las Vegas 51’s”(formerly known as the Las Vegas Stars), which is the New York Mets Triple A affiliate.  The team logo depicts one of the grey aliens thought to inhabit Area 51.

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