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The Denver airport is a very large, modern airport which opened in 1995, and the airport is also the subject of conspiracy theories and other mysteries.

The airport complex includes vast underground tunnels that may be used by government officials in the event of an emergency, including some tunnels that may run all the way to New Mexico.  The Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) planned to move to Denver starting in 2005, but they are still in Virginia.  Perhaps they also have a strong presence at the Denver airport and the Virginia location is only a small part of the C.I.A.  Disturbing images on high quality murals throughout the airport depict death and perhaps signs of the apocalypse.  One mural seems to show a gestapo type figure knifing the dove of peace and also slicing through two tower type buildings and these murals were created before September 11, 2001.  The Denver area is very beautiful thus it is puzzling as to why the murals do not showcase the mountainous beauty, rather than the disturbing images.  It does not seem like a good way to greet visitors to one’s area.

A statue of a horse called “Mustang” greets visitors outside of the airport buildings and he has red eyes and is very frightening looking.  The runways when viewed from overhead look much like the shape of a swastika.

The combination of disturbing murals, tunnels, swastika shaped terminal layout and other attributes of the airport have caused some to theorize that the airport would somehow be used to help implement the New World Order (NWO), in which the world’s population would be reduced from 6.5 billion to 500 million and the massive genocide would create a “more harmonious world”.  There is even a headstone above a time capsule which contains the phrase “New World Airport Commission”, which does not exist anywhere in the world, at least, not yet.  Barbed wire fences around the airport curve in like prisons as if to keep people in rather than curve out to keep people out.