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The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a closed sanatorium located in southwestern Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky. It opened in 1910 as a two-story hospital to accommodate 40 to 50 tuberculosis patients. In the early 1900s, Jefferson County was ravaged by an outbreak of tuberculosis (the “White Plague”) which prompted the construction of a new hospital. The hospital closed in 1961, due to the antibiotic drug streptomycin that lowered the need for such a hospital.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is very famous for being haunted. It is ranked among the top most scary or haunted places in the United States and is visited by many people, both paranormal and ghost hunters or investigators, and regular people who just want to see the place for themselves. Waverly Hills is notorious for being very scary because many claim that the place has different kinds of hauntings. There are ghosts, moving shadows, cold spots, inexplicable screams and wailings, balls of light and other spooky oddities.

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Waverly Hills is located on top of a hill overlooking the city of Louisville, Kentucky. It looks as creepy and foreboding as the legends of the property describe.  Waverly Hills’ haunting stories are usually based on the accounts of many deaths and brutal experiences of patients who stayed in the sanatorium as well as it’s 1962  incarnation, the Woodhaven Geriatric Center, a nursing home primarily treating aging patients with various stages of dementia and mobility limits, as well as the severely mentally handicapped. Woodhaven was closed by the state in 1982 allegedly due to patient neglect.

One of the features of Waverly Hills is the “death tunnel”.  A tunnel running from the building to the bottom of the hill that was originally built for employees and supplies to be transported more efficiently.   With so many deaths occurring at the height of the TB plague, the tunnel was used to transport dead bodies out of the sanatorium so as not to alarm the other patients.


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John is joined by guest host Ryan Clark from Cincinnati Ohio who grew up in Kentucky within a mere three miles of Waverly Hills Sanatorium.  This could explain Ryan’s life long interest in the paranormal!

Ryan also regales us with another Louisville legend, the “Pope Lick Monster” who is supposed to reside under an old train trestle spanning the Pope Lick Creek.


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This part man, part goat being is apparently fated to patrol the trestle area tempting people who go there to try to cross the trestle.  When they get half way a train suddenly comes.  Since there is no room on either side, there only chance at survival is to hang off the edge until the train passes.  Most cannot hang on that long and fall eighty feet to there death.



John finds recent news about some previous Mysterious Topics.

First is a story on Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘irrelevant’ doodles actually contain his most revolutionary physics discovery.



Next is a very concerning story on the Siberian ground ‘turning into a trampoline’ and we should all be worried.

Then a story on possible U.S. Naval secret undersea lairs for nuclear Submarines.

Also a story on a Delaware-sized chunk of ice that could dislodge from an Antarctic shelf.


Finally, A lost dog actually heard her family was looking for her!





John and Jordan from the Nighttime podcast and Halifax Nova Scotia are reunited to cover a new season of History Channels’ “Curse Of Oak Island”.  The show details the exploits of brothers Rick and Marty Lagina and crew in their ongoing efforts to reveal the mystery of what may have taken place and what may still be buried on the tiny Nova Scotia Island.

The premiere episode titled “Going For Broke”, gives us great insight into game plan for season 4.  The Laginas’ and partners are spending more than $2 million dollars in an all out effort to literally get to the bottom of this famous and frustrating mystery.


Their all out strategy to attack all of the major areas of interest on the island previously examined by them any others will make season 4 very interesting with hopefully finally some answers to this mystery.

New clues are also revealed on this premiere show from Zina Halpern, a Knights Templar researcher who shows them a map found in the flap of a book sent to her that seems to show a drawing of Oak Island with many known sights listed as well as more sights not known to the Laginas’ and crew that they now plan to fully investigate.

We will be producing the “Curse Of Oak Island recap podcast” every two weeks this season from this point with the anticipation of much to talk about moving forward.|dc_pcrid_155690448693_pkw_curse%20of%20oak%20island_pmt_e&utm_source=google_tune&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=curse%20of%20oak%20island&utm_campaign=&paidlink=1&cmpid=PaidSearch_google_tune__curse%20of%20oak%20island&gclid=Cj0KEQiAx7XBBRCdyNOw6PLHrYABEiQAJtyEQ-o2JafESRyxvNRQbo0RiIpXAu3kwJEPPNX7LryeLKcaAlki8P8HAQ




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John Interviews Angela Hutcheon who messaged Mysterious Topics on Facebook saying she is a person with RH negative blood and “abilities”.

In her post she stated;

I was born a healer, I have psychic gifts, I am an intuitive and empath. I have been doing courses in Pleiadian, Lemurian, and Atlantis and have seen things during this and I feel very connected to these civilizations. 9-2-16

Do you believe there are people who possess such abilities or are you skeptical?

After their conversation John offers skeptics a possible scientific explanation for some of her abilities.  Quantum entanglement, or what Einstein called, “spooky action at a distance” is a topic discussed before on Mysterious Topics and could possibly offer an explanation here as well.  Scientists, to my knowledge are not conducting research on people purporting to have these abilities in regards to Quantum Entanglement, but perhaps they should, perhaps they will!


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More information on Angela is found on her website;



Who framed Avery?  That is the question.


Is this person the answer to “who framed Steven Avery”?

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We published a podcast on 1-17-16 discussing the Teresa Halbach murder case that has garnered so much attention with the release of the Netflix series “Making A Murderer”, where  I  thought it was too unbelievable to suggest  the police were involved in planting the remains of Teresa Halbach on the Avery property and almost  as much to suggest a third party happened to arrive at the precise moment Teresa left the Avery property to murder her and frame Steven Avery (and as it turned out Brendan Dassey as well).   Except that the person did not just “happen by”.  He had been planning this for years!  On today’s podcast I talk with a person who has a most incredible story of which he has written a book about.  It is a tale of what would be the most diabolical and prolific serial killer ever with ties to many of the most famous unsolved or incorrectly solved crimes over the course of the last seventy years!


John A. Cameron is a 53 year old retired police detective from Great Falls, Montana. His career in law enforcement began in 1979. He retired in 2005 as a sergeant of detectives, working cold cases. He has worked on FBI serial killer task forces, catching ritualistic child cannibal killer, Nathan Bar-Jonah. His cases have been featured on America’s Most Wanted, Dateline NBC, and he helped produce a series known as Most Evil-True TV.

In 2010, while working as an analyst for the Montana Board of Pardons and Parole in Deer Lodge Prison, Montana, he was in a position to access information that had been kept secret for 55 years. As a result he we able to unravel the most intelligent serial killer ever.

His book is titled:  “It’s Me, Edward Wayne Edwards: The Serial Killer You Never Heard Of”.  It is available at his website:

Here is an introduction to the book:  

By rope, by knife, by gun, by fire – that is how Edward Wayne Edwards killed hundreds of innocent victims over a 66-year murderous career. And he was never caught!  Never heard of Edward Wayne Edwards?  No?  Well you will now.  His victims included such well-known cases as Chandra Levy, The Atlanta Child Killings, Marilyn Sheppard, Stephanie Bryan and the Black Dahlia.  He was the famous Zodiac Killer who left a trail of murder near San Francisco in the 1970’s. He killed dozens of couples parked on lover’s lanes for decades. He brutally murdered two sets of three boys in Chicago, and in West Memphis, Arkansas, almost 40 years apart. He was responsible for the murders of hitch-hiking teenagers along Highway 101 in California and the Colonial Parkway in Virginia in the 70’s and 80’s.  


Edwards on the game show “To Tell The Truth” 10-17-1972 photo courtesy:

Edwards, posting as Santa Claus in 1996, groomed his way into pretty, six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey’s life in Boulder, Colorado and set up her parents John and Patsy. It almost worked. Forty years earlier in Berkeley, California he staged a similar kidnapping of 14-year-old Stephanie Bryan. He set up Burton Abbott, 27-year-old ex-GI University of California accounting student and Burton was executed in 1957 while Edwards was sitting in Deer Lodge Prison, Montana.  This is incredible enough, however John has also recently  connected Edwards to the Teresa Halbach murder and since we discussed this on  a prior podcast  and felt there was some strangeness to the case but I still could not see how Steven Avery could not have been involved. After becoming aware of John’s investigation however, I knew I had to talk to him and shed light on his credible evidence that someone other than the police framed Avery.

Do we now have a possible answer to the question of who might have framed Avery?



curse of oak island

Jordan Bonaparte from the Night Time Podcast joins Chuck and John to discuss the latest three episodes of the History Channel’s Curse of Oak Island series.   Marty wants to put 10 X on the back burner as the ROV sent down shows nothing definitive, but Rick is not ready to do that.   A new theory is pitched to the Lagina’s and gang that suggests the Mayans and Aztecs may be responsible for the mystery of Oak Island!

The Lagina’s also forge an agreement with the Blankenship’s long time treasure hunting rival Fred Nolan.

Jordan with Dan Blankenship

Jordan with Dan Blankenship, summer of 2015 after an Oak Island tour

The website for Jordan’s podcast is

The History Channel’s website for the Oak Island Curse series


Who built the elaborate Oak Island Money Pit and what did they place down so deep below the surface?   Several intriguing theories involving some famous people and artifacts in history including;

Captain Kidd, Bluebeard, The British Navy, William Shakespeare, Sir Francis Bacon, The Coptic Christians, The Knights Templar / Freemasons, The Holy Grail and even the Arc of the Covenant are theorized as possible connections to one of the most puzzling mysteries on our planet, The Oak Island Money Pit located on Oak Island Nova Scotia.

Some skeptical observers believe that the whole Money Pit story is perhaps nothing more than natural occurring events.  Due to the prevalence of many sinkholes  in the Oak Island area some believe that everything that is in the pit simply was washed in over the years.

Many former members of  Captain Kidd’s crew were probably sworn to secrecy, but many of those same men on their deathbeds stated they knew of hidden wealth.

The British raided the French holdings at Fort Louisbourg on Nova Scotia and the close proximity Oak Island lead some to believe that the treasures obtained in the raid needed to be hidden somewhere and the Money Pit might be the place of hiding.

According to a handful of scholars and explorers perhaps the Holy Grail and other valuable objects that belonged to the Knights Templar are hidden in the Money Pit.  Several unusual stones were found on the island and they contained odd symbols that apparently are rooted in Masonic traditions.

Parchment found in the depths of the Money Pit with the letters “VI” somehow  caused some to believe that there is a connection to the true identity of William Shakespeare that some theorize that the writings attributed to Shakespeare might have really by penned by Sir Francis Bacon, who perhaps did not want to be associated with the writings.


Oak Island is located off the south shore of Nova Scotia along Canada’s Atlantic Coast.  A depression in the ground discovered in 1795 by teenager Daniel McGinnis was found to be a shaft dug previously by whom, know one knows.  That is the mystery as well as what may be buried there.  Elaborate flood tunnels were constructed and layers of big logs, putty, charcoal and coconut fibers placed at intervals  down the shaft.  A cement vault at approximately 160 feet below the surface was drilled through with what was described as “metal pieces” inside also drilled through..   A legend says seven people will die trying to capture the treasure before it will be found.  Thus far six have died trying.

Many famous names and artifacts have been associated with Oak Island including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, William Shakespeare, Sir Francis Bacon, the Knights Templar / Freemasonry, the Holy Grail and even the Arc of the Covenant.  Oak Island remains a mystery today.

What is truly remarkable is that the searching and intense interest in the Money Pit has continued for well over 200 years and shows no sign of ending anytime soon. Interest in the pit may have waned at times over the years, but eventually someone or some group has always stepped forward and continued the searching.  The draw of great treasure is very powerful.

A series called “The Curse of Oak Island” started on the History Channel in January 2014.    The series follows brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, originally from Kingsford Michigan, through their efforts to do what no one has yet do do and find what may have been buried on Oak Island.  The History Channel has a Season Two planned presumably to air in January 2015. This series no doubt will continue to create more interest in the Money Pit mystery.