There have been many strange events pertaining to the Great Lakes and this discussion pertains to just a few of them.

Michigan Triangle:  Located between Wisconsin and Michigan in the middle of Lake Michigan.  Strange events include mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft, which is similar to the more famous Bermuda Triangle(also known as the Devil’s Triangle), which is located in the Atlantic Ocean between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

Perhaps the most famous mystery in the Michigan Triangle is the disappearance of Northwest Airlines Flight 2501.  The flight began in New York City heading for Minneapolis and went missing over Lake Michigan near Benton Harbor, Michigan.  The plane was a 4-engine DC4 with 58 occupants aboard.  Some debris was found floating but the wreckage was never found despite the use of sonar, dragging the bottom of the lake and the use of divers.  Annual searches still go on to this day.

In April, 1937 Captain George Donner of the freighter O.M. McFarland went into his cabin for a nap with instructions to be awakened at 6pm, but when crew members checked on him he was gone and his door had been locked from the inside.  At about the time he went missing the ship had been traveling near the midpoint of the triangle crossing the same route that the ferry, SS Badger, takes on a daily basis during the warmer months.

“Death’s Door” at the tip of Door County, Wisconsin is the site of more shipwrecks than any body of fresh water in the world, where many vessels of all types have been pulverized by swirling currents and sudden strong winds.

The “Black Dog of Lake Erie” is a legend that a dog that was crushed in a lock of the Welland Canal, between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, through the carelessness of the crew members of a ship going through the canal, and to this day the dog mysteriously appears on ships traveling the Great Lakes and usually brings some sort of mishap to the ship.

The Kinross UFO case in which a fighter jet was sent to check on some object that appeared on radar screens in Northern Michigan, but suddenly disappeared and was never seen or heard from again.,_Michigan


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