John from Mysterious Topics talks with author John O. O’Brien, about his unique theory of the Oak Island mystery detailed in his recent book titled “Oak Island Unearthed!  a miner’s investigation into the enigma of Oak Island, the Mesoamericans, and the treasures buried therein.”  Publisher: New World Publishing (Canada).

The author explained his theories about the mysteries of Oak Island based upon many years of research, which included frequent visits to the famous island.  O’Brien’s experience as a miner that spanned many years contributed to his acquiring knowledge concerning what he believes is the truth concerning the Oak Island mysteries.  He describes how his interest in Oak Island was ignited by listening to his father and his father’s friend talk about the mystery when he was a young boy.

Following the interview John and Chuck from Mysterious Topics are joined by Jordan from the Nighttime Podcast in a discussion of the issues presented in the John O. O’Brien interview.

Included in the issues discussed are the presence of coconut fibers on Oak Island that were carbon dated long before the Knight’s Templars would have arrived in Nova Scotia, the importance of palygorskite clay to the Mayans, even more important than gold, and the fact that the Spanish, on the other hand, had a love for gold and silver.  Also mentioned was the possibility that Montezuma’s tomb is located on Oak Island guarding the treasures.

The possibility that more than one group buried treasure on Oak Island is also brought up.

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