,Many of us have experienced what we believe is our Moon’s effect on humans.  Does Earth’s satellite really affect our behavior?


It is common to know of individuals, or maybe even ourselves, that seem to be affected by the moon.  The effect seems to be greater with a full moon.

The lunar eclipse supermoon of September 28, 2015 as seen over München, Germany (IMAGE, EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG)

On the other side of the issue of our Moon’s effect on humans is that skeptics often claim that there is no effect at all.  The claims of an effect are only imagined, or the subject of romanticism and lore.

There are reports of surgeons refusing to operate on patients during a full Moon, and police, firefighters, and paramedics throughout the world claim that strange things seem to occur much more often on the days surrounding a full Moon.


Epilepsy patients seem to have a significant increase in seizures during a full Moon, but it might be that the brightness of the night sky is more of a factor than the Moon’s effect.

Caregivers to patients with dementia report a noticeable effect on the patients that are under their care.  Caregivers can be considered reliable judges of behavior of dementia patients since they spend a large amount of time with the patients.

Skeptics claim that most of the evidence for our Moon’s effect is anecdotal, and therefore not reliable.   However, try telling that to those that claim they often experience a profound effect, such as, weird things happening to them.



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