Mount Shasta at 14,179 feet is the second highest peak in the Cascades and the fifth highest peak in California, and it also is the site of much fascinating mystery and lore.

Mount Shasta is the largest dormant strato-compound volcano in the United States.  It has four cones not a more typical two.  The area on and around Mount Shasta is believed to have been inhabited for 7000-9000 years and by the 1820’s nine different Native American tribes lived within view of the peak.  Mount Shasta is part of the famous “ring of fire” which covers the Pacific Ocean like a semi-circle.  The mountain erupts on average every 600 years and the united States Geological Survey considers it a dormant volcano that will likely erupt in the future and rates it a very high threat volcano.

Mount Shasta’s neighboring mountain to the north in Oregon, Mount Mazama collapsed long ago and created Crater Lake and the same thing could happen to Mount Shasta in a huge eruption.  It has an explosive eruptive history and fumaroles on the mountain show that it is still alive.

Klamath tribes believe the mountain is inhabited by the “Spirit of the Above-World”, Skell who descended from heaven to the mountain’s summit at the request of a Klamath chief.  Skell fought with the “Spirit of the Below-World”, Llao who resided at Mount Mazama (Crater Lake) by throwing hot rocks and lava probably representing  the volcanic eruptions at both mountains.

Many religious faiths have been attracted to the mountain over the years including a Buddhist monastery and many modern day Native American rituals.  Mount Shasta is one of the seven main earth chakras and it is considered one of a small number of global “power centers”.  A “Harmonic Convergence” took place in the Mount Shasta area in August of 1987 and Shirley MacLaine attended the event and called it a “window of light” allowing access to a higher level of awareness.

Some believe that Lemurians lived inside of the volcano perhaps in lava tubes.