The end of the journey has come for Mysterious Topics and it will go out as it began.  Chuck is back with John to discuss his decision to end the podcast at this time and talk about some updates to previously covered topics.

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A sincere thank you to all the guest hosts for their contributions and hard work on their chosen topics:

Ryan Clark – OHIO – Waverly Hills Sanitorium & Bobby Mackey’s Haunted Music World

Charlotte Lily Andersen – 14 from Brisbane AU – Westall UFO Incident & The Winchester Mystery Mansion

Phil Parslow – UK – Bigfoot Talk

Sean Fox – ST Albert CA – Pompeii & Herculaneum, The First Crusade, History Of Early Christianity

Sarah Paterson – Shark Tracking / Twas The Night Before Christmas

Nancy Kozoil – Vermont – Vermont Spooky Places

Zach Kytka – PA – Ancient Flood Stories

Lisa Franz – Stardust Ranch

Jordan Bonaparte – Halifax Nova Scotia – The Curse Of Oak Island Series Recaps

Updates to previous shows covered include;

Naica Crystal Cave in Mexico

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Mexican Artifacts found linking to Aliens?

Lemuria and Mu found?

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Time Travelers, Parallel Dimensions and Time Crystal

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James Webb Space Telescope Update

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New topics include;

The Devil’s Kettle waterfall in Minnesota

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Mars Magnetic Shield

They finish talking about the possibility of a “Unified Field Theory” of Spiritualism and Science, before a final farewell;

In closing, a sincere “Thank you” to you, the listener.  You made this a special experience for us that we will never forget.  Thank you to all who use our Amazon link and to everyone sending paypal donations to help us defray the costs involved with the podcast and website, but most importantly, we cherish the relationships developed through email and Facebook with many of you, whether it was just once or ongoing, we discovered our interaction with our listeners to be the most rewarding part of this journey.

A few people told us, listening to Mysterious Topics  helped them get through rough times which warms our hearts.  Our intention from the beginning was to give people that may not have anyone to have an open minded conversation about mysterious topics, a couple of friends to do just that with and we appreciate everyone taking the time to correspond with us confirming we achieved our goal.  

I plan to keep the website active for at least through 2017.  I hope to keep hearing from listeners who have questions or opinions about any of our episodes or anything else.  For anyone wishing to know any new news regarding us, please “Like” our Mysterious Topics Facebook page.  I will post any updates there and maybe an occasional mysterious topic post every now and then.  You can also message us there as well.  

So this is the end of our journey.  I would like to close with  a couple quotes;

Goodbyes are not forever.

Goodbyes are not the end.

They simply mean I’ll miss you

Until we meet again!   – Author Unknown

And from Tom Petty; “You and I will meet again, When we’re least expecting it, One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won’t say goodbye my friend, For you and I will meet again.”

And if I could be so bold as to add my own thought; “Nothing is impossible, it is up to you however, to make it more probable!”

   Thank you for listening,,,,  until we meet again.

Naica Cave Super life Devils Kettle Waterfall Mars Magnetic Shield Lemuria Mu

Many Interacting Worlds Theory (2 above links)  Time Crystals

James Webb Telescope Updates (3 above links)  Quantum Entanglement / Superposition Many Interacting Worlds Theory Mexican Alien Artifacts  Mexican Alien Artifacts Images

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