When one hears the name of the French Psychic Nostradamus the thought that immediately comes to the minds of most people is that of a predictor of future events.


Some of the famous psychics include the likes of Edgar Cayce, John Edward, Sylvia Browne, and Jeane Dixon.  However,  Nostradamus probably is the most famous.

The famous psychic used a unique method to record his predictions. He wrote in four line poems of sorts called quatrains, and he wrote very many of them.  Skeptics often claim that the quatrains could literally be interpreted in many different ways.  However, some of the translations are simply made to fit a certain situation.  On the other hand, so many of his predictions do seem to make sense.  And there appears to be an incredible accuracy into what was predicted well into the future.


Some of his predictions include the death of Henry II, the French revolution, Hitler’s crimes against humanity, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Probably of even greater interest to many is the predictions that have not yet come to pass. The election of a President Trump might even be included in those predictions.  Again, one must stretch one’s imagination to translate the quatrains into what might be the intended meaning of the written word.


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