Who built the elaborate Oak Island Money Pit and what did they place down so deep below the surface?   Several intriguing theories involving some famous people and artifacts in history including;

Captain Kidd, Bluebeard, The British Navy, William Shakespeare, Sir Francis Bacon, The Coptic Christians, The Knights Templar / Freemasons, The Holy Grail and even the Arc of the Covenant are theorized as possible connections to one of the most puzzling mysteries on our planet, The Oak Island Money Pit located on Oak Island Nova Scotia.

Some skeptical observers believe that the whole Money Pit story is perhaps nothing more than natural occurring events.  Due to the prevalence of many sinkholes  in the Oak Island area some believe that everything that is in the pit simply was washed in over the years.

Many former members of  Captain Kidd’s crew were probably sworn to secrecy, but many of those same men on their deathbeds stated they knew of hidden wealth.

The British raided the French holdings at Fort Louisbourg on Nova Scotia and the close proximity Oak Island lead some to believe that the treasures obtained in the raid needed to be hidden somewhere and the Money Pit might be the place of hiding.

According to a handful of scholars and explorers perhaps the Holy Grail and other valuable objects that belonged to the Knights Templar are hidden in the Money Pit.  Several unusual stones were found on the island and they contained odd symbols that apparently are rooted in Masonic traditions.

Parchment found in the depths of the Money Pit with the letters “VI” somehow  caused some to believe that there is a connection to the true identity of William Shakespeare that some theorize that the writings attributed to Shakespeare might have really by penned by Sir Francis Bacon, who perhaps did not want to be associated with the writings.