There have been many strange events pertaining to the Great Lakes and this discussion pertains to just a few of them.

Michigan Triangle:  Located between Wisconsin and Michigan in the middle of Lake Michigan.  Strange events include mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft, which is similar to the more famous Bermuda Triangle(also known as the Devil’s Triangle), which is located in the Atlantic Ocean between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

Perhaps the most famous mystery in the Michigan Triangle is the disappearance of Northwest Airlines Flight 2501.  The flight began in New York City heading for Minneapolis and went missing over Lake Michigan near Benton Harbor, Michigan.  The plane was a 4-engine DC4 with 58 occupants aboard.  Some debris was found floating but the wreckage was never found despite the use of sonar, dragging the bottom of the lake and the use of divers.  Annual searches still go on to this day.

In April, 1937 Captain George Donner of the freighter O.M. McFarland went into his cabin for a nap with instructions to be awakened at 6pm, but when crew members checked on him he was gone and his door had been locked from the inside.  At about the time he went missing the ship had been traveling near the midpoint of the triangle crossing the same route that the ferry, SS Badger, takes on a daily basis during the warmer months.

“Death’s Door” at the tip of Door County, Wisconsin is the site of more shipwrecks than any body of fresh water in the world, where many vessels of all types have been pulverized by swirling currents and sudden strong winds.

The “Black Dog of Lake Erie” is a legend that a dog that was crushed in a lock of the Welland Canal, between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, through the carelessness of the crew members of a ship going through the canal, and to this day the dog mysteriously appears on ships traveling the Great Lakes and usually brings some sort of mishap to the ship.

The Kinross UFO case in which a fighter jet was sent to check on some object that appeared on radar screens in Northern Michigan, but suddenly disappeared and was never seen or heard from again.,_Michigan



Northwestern University researchers, along with colleagues from the University of New Mexico, found evidence of vast storehouses of a type of blue rock called ringwoodite, which is  a “high-pressure polymorph of olivine (a magnesium iron silicate) that is formed at high temperatures and pressures” deep in Earth’s mantle.

Geologists have long wondered how much water is transferred between the oceans of the earth and reservoirs beneath the crust.  This material can be carried hundreds of miles through the ground by tectonic forces, driven by continental drift.

Water driven into the mantle can help drive melting of rock, forming polls of magma.

Research on this topic will undoubtedly continue in the future.

This finding is very important, because approximately 1 1/2% of the ringwoodite is composed of water, and it is believed that the water contained in this material is greater than all of the earth’s oceans combined.

Some geologists think water arrived in comets as they struck the planet, but the new discovery supports an alternative idea that the oceans gradually oozed out of the interior of the early earth.  The hidden water could also act as a buffer for the oceans on the surface, explaining why they have stayed the same size for millions of years.

Steven Jacobsen’s team, of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois used 2000 seismometers to study the seismic waves generated by more than 500 earthquakes.  These waves move throughout the water layer revealed itself because the waves slowed down, as it takes them longer to get through soggy rock than dry rock.

A sample of ringwoodite was found in a diamond that was expelled from a volcano in 2008.  The diamond came from the “transition zone” between the upper and lower mantle.

“We should be grateful this deep reservoir,” says Jacobsen.  “If it wasn’t there, it would be on the surface of the Earth, and mountain tops would be the only land poking out.”

AREA 51 – Groom Lake Nevada Test & Training Range

Area 51 is located in Southern Nevada about 80 miles North Northwest of Las Vegas and is the site of much mystery and speculation.  The site is officially known as Groom Lake, but the CIA calls it the Nevada Test and Training Range.  A “flying dish” purportedly crashed in New Mexico and was later transferred to Area in 1951 and perhaps that is why Groom Lake is often called Area 51.

Art Bell, on his “Coast To Coast” radio show, has done many shows on Area 51 and his and other broadcasters and members of the media have done much to foster interest in the site.

Area 51 was, and probably still is, used to develop and test spy planes including the U-2 , which was shot down in 1960 by the Soviet Union.  The plane was recovered  by the Soviet Union and the pilot, Francis Gary Powers, was held prisoner for about four years before finally being released.  Also, the “Oxcart”, which is a plane designed by the CIA trat travels at three times the speed of sound at 90,000 feet, was developed at Area 51.

The Area 51  border warning signs state that photography is prohibited and the use of deadly force is authorized, and in 1974 astronauts aboard Skylab 4 were instructed not to photograph Area 51, and that  was the only place they were instructed not to photograph, which would seem to indicate that no other spot on earth was considered to be as sensitive as the area.

Some of the conspiracy theories include reverse engineering of alien spacecraft, weather control experiments, time travel activities related to “One World Government”, exotic weapons development and meetings with extraterrestrials.

Some movies over the years have referenced Area 51 including “independence Day” in 1996, which includes Roswell, New Mexico and Area 51.

Professional baseball also gets into the act in naming one of its Triple A team the “Las Vegas 51’s”(formerly known as the Las Vegas Stars), which is the New York Mets Triple A affiliate.  The team logo depicts one of the grey aliens thought to inhabit Area 51.


Gobekli Tepe is an archaeological site in Southeastern Turkey just a few miles north of the Syria/Turkey border.

When the site was first examined in the 1960’s by the University of Chicago and Istanbul University it was thought to be just a mound that was an abandoned medieval cemetery.  German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt began excavation of the site in 1994 and called it the world’s oldest temple and the first human-built holy place.

Carbon dating indicates the site is about 12,000 years old which would classify it as Early Neolithic since that period began about 10,200B.C.  Schmidt stated that archaeologists could dig for another   fifty years and barely scratch the surface as only 5-10% of the site has been uncovered since 1996.  He claims Gobekli Tepe predates Stonehenge by 6000 years and changes drastically the viewpoint as to when a more advanced civilization, that included the use of agriculture,  began.

Carvings on stone pillars of birds, animals and other figures were done in “high relief”, which meant they were not etched, but raised or sculpted on the stones.  Also, 7-ton rings were buried and placed on top of each other and covered with dirt and this happened over the centuries and created the hill.  The soft limestone in the area made stone sculpting easier even without advanced tools.

In recent centuries before the site was recognized as an archaeological site the hill and surrounding area was used extensively for agriculture, which resulted in some of the megaliths that were close to the surface being scratched by plows.

Perhaps the “temple” was also a burial site where people could find their final resting place up on the hill looking down over the bountiful area below that was beautiful and provided food both from agriculture and hunting.

John Anthony West says Gobeckli Tepe supports his findings that the Sphinx is much older (10,000-5000B.C.) than the standard academic thought of 2500B.C.  His 1993 NBC documentary titled “The Mystery of the Sphinx” contended erosion marks on the Sphinx were created by water, not sand, and water was only in that region 10,000-5000B.C. noist



Super volcanoes are extremely powerful forces of nature and in order for a volcano to be classified as super it must have ejection material greater than 1000 cubic kilometers.   To put this number in perspective major, fairly recent, “normal” volcanoes, such as, Mt. St. Helens had 1.2 cubic kilometers, Mt. Pinatubo 10 cubic kilometers, Krakatoa 25 cubic kilometers and Mt. Tambora 160 cubic kilometers.

Super volcanoes occur rarely (approximately every 100,000 years on average), but when they do they have a devastating effect on the earth’s climate and ecology.  They don’t actually erupt by spewing material out of the crater, they explode over a large area.

“Normal” volcanoes can also have a huge effect on our entire planet in fact, the little ice age(end  of the 13th century until the late 19th century) was possibly caused by a series of volcanic eruptions.

Examples of volcano eruptions in recorded history include the following:

Mt. Tambora in Indonesia in 1815 caused a volcanic winter with a drop in global temperatures precipitated  by volcanic ash and droplets of sulfuric acid.  The next year, 1816, is called the year without a summer for North America and Europe.  the weather caused crop failures and resulted in the worst famine of the 19th century.

Krakatoa also in Indonesia erupted in 1883 caused over 36,000 deaths from eruption and tsunamis.  The norther hemisphere weather was affected for about five years.

Mt. Pinatubo, located in the Philippines only 55 miles from the huge city  of Manila, erupted in June, 1991 and caused a decrease in temperatures worldwide.

The super volcano,Yellowstone, last exploded about 600,000 years ago and 1000 cubic kilometers of material was ejected and that number is 100 times larger that Mt. Pinatubo and it would be the equivalent to 10,000 Mt. St. Helens’ eruptions.  It is thought that Yellowstone currently has a 10-30% partial melt and eruption (explosion) would require about a 50% partial melt.  (Transition from solid to liquid creates more pressure that can crack the earth’s crust resulting in an explosion.)




Mount Shasta at 14,179 feet is the second highest peak in the Cascades and the fifth highest peak in California, and it also is the site of much fascinating mystery and lore.

Mount Shasta is the largest dormant strato-compound volcano in the United States.  It has four cones not a more typical two.  The area on and around Mount Shasta is believed to have been inhabited for 7000-9000 years and by the 1820’s nine different Native American tribes lived within view of the peak.  Mount Shasta is part of the famous “ring of fire” which covers the Pacific Ocean like a semi-circle.  The mountain erupts on average every 600 years and the united States Geological Survey considers it a dormant volcano that will likely erupt in the future and rates it a very high threat volcano.

Mount Shasta’s neighboring mountain to the north in Oregon, Mount Mazama collapsed long ago and created Crater Lake and the same thing could happen to Mount Shasta in a huge eruption.  It has an explosive eruptive history and fumaroles on the mountain show that it is still alive.

Klamath tribes believe the mountain is inhabited by the “Spirit of the Above-World”, Skell who descended from heaven to the mountain’s summit at the request of a Klamath chief.  Skell fought with the “Spirit of the Below-World”, Llao who resided at Mount Mazama (Crater Lake) by throwing hot rocks and lava probably representing  the volcanic eruptions at both mountains.

Many religious faiths have been attracted to the mountain over the years including a Buddhist monastery and many modern day Native American rituals.  Mount Shasta is one of the seven main earth chakras and it is considered one of a small number of global “power centers”.  A “Harmonic Convergence” took place in the Mount Shasta area in August of 1987 and Shirley MacLaine attended the event and called it a “window of light” allowing access to a higher level of awareness.

Some believe that Lemurians lived inside of the volcano perhaps in lava tubes.





The Denver airport is a very large, modern airport which opened in 1995, and the airport is also the subject of conspiracy theories and other mysteries.

The airport complex includes vast underground tunnels that may be used by government officials in the event of an emergency, including some tunnels that may run all the way to New Mexico.  The Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) planned to move to Denver starting in 2005, but they are still in Virginia.  Perhaps they also have a strong presence at the Denver airport and the Virginia location is only a small part of the C.I.A.  Disturbing images on high quality murals throughout the airport depict death and perhaps signs of the apocalypse.  One mural seems to show a gestapo type figure knifing the dove of peace and also slicing through two tower type buildings and these murals were created before September 11, 2001.  The Denver area is very beautiful thus it is puzzling as to why the murals do not showcase the mountainous beauty, rather than the disturbing images.  It does not seem like a good way to greet visitors to one’s area.

A statue of a horse called “Mustang” greets visitors outside of the airport buildings and he has red eyes and is very frightening looking.  The runways when viewed from overhead look much like the shape of a swastika.

The combination of disturbing murals, tunnels, swastika shaped terminal layout and other attributes of the airport have caused some to theorize that the airport would somehow be used to help implement the New World Order (NWO), in which the world’s population would be reduced from 6.5 billion to 500 million and the massive genocide would create a “more harmonious world”.  There is even a headstone above a time capsule which contains the phrase “New World Airport Commission”, which does not exist anywhere in the world, at least, not yet.  Barbed wire fences around the airport curve in like prisons as if to keep people in rather than curve out to keep people out.


Who built the elaborate Oak Island Money Pit and what did they place down so deep below the surface?   Several intriguing theories involving some famous people and artifacts in history including;

Captain Kidd, Bluebeard, The British Navy, William Shakespeare, Sir Francis Bacon, The Coptic Christians, The Knights Templar / Freemasons, The Holy Grail and even the Arc of the Covenant are theorized as possible connections to one of the most puzzling mysteries on our planet, The Oak Island Money Pit located on Oak Island Nova Scotia.

Some skeptical observers believe that the whole Money Pit story is perhaps nothing more than natural occurring events.  Due to the prevalence of many sinkholes  in the Oak Island area some believe that everything that is in the pit simply was washed in over the years.

Many former members of  Captain Kidd’s crew were probably sworn to secrecy, but many of those same men on their deathbeds stated they knew of hidden wealth.

The British raided the French holdings at Fort Louisbourg on Nova Scotia and the close proximity Oak Island lead some to believe that the treasures obtained in the raid needed to be hidden somewhere and the Money Pit might be the place of hiding.

According to a handful of scholars and explorers perhaps the Holy Grail and other valuable objects that belonged to the Knights Templar are hidden in the Money Pit.  Several unusual stones were found on the island and they contained odd symbols that apparently are rooted in Masonic traditions.

Parchment found in the depths of the Money Pit with the letters “VI” somehow  caused some to believe that there is a connection to the true identity of William Shakespeare that some theorize that the writings attributed to Shakespeare might have really by penned by Sir Francis Bacon, who perhaps did not want to be associated with the writings.


Oak Island is located off the south shore of Nova Scotia along Canada’s Atlantic Coast.  A depression in the ground discovered in 1795 by teenager Daniel McGinnis was found to be a shaft dug previously by whom, know one knows.  That is the mystery as well as what may be buried there.  Elaborate flood tunnels were constructed and layers of big logs, putty, charcoal and coconut fibers placed at intervals  down the shaft.  A cement vault at approximately 160 feet below the surface was drilled through with what was described as “metal pieces” inside also drilled through..   A legend says seven people will die trying to capture the treasure before it will be found.  Thus far six have died trying.

Many famous names and artifacts have been associated with Oak Island including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, William Shakespeare, Sir Francis Bacon, the Knights Templar / Freemasonry, the Holy Grail and even the Arc of the Covenant.  Oak Island remains a mystery today.

What is truly remarkable is that the searching and intense interest in the Money Pit has continued for well over 200 years and shows no sign of ending anytime soon. Interest in the pit may have waned at times over the years, but eventually someone or some group has always stepped forward and continued the searching.  The draw of great treasure is very powerful.

A series called “The Curse of Oak Island” started on the History Channel in January 2014.    The series follows brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, originally from Kingsford Michigan, through their efforts to do what no one has yet do do and find what may have been buried on Oak Island.  The History Channel has a Season Two planned presumably to air in January 2015. This series no doubt will continue to create more interest in the Money Pit mystery.

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