John and guest host Lisa Franz of Arizona discuss the bizarre story of the Stardust Ranch in Rainbow Valley Arizona, not far from Lisa’s residence.

John and Joyce Edmonds from Illinois, wanted to find a location to start a horse rescue ranch.  After having searched for a ranch they can afford without luck for two years, they finally discover a ranch in their price range in Rainbow Valley Arizona they buy and call “Stardust Ranch”.  Strange events happen from the beginning with the previous occupants leaving behind all of their possessions that somehow end up in the pool outside.  A strange man with a machete turns up saying he is the one who keeps the monsters away.  Not long after that first day moving to the ranch, the Edmonds would see first hand the monsters the knife wielding stranger was talking about!  The story keeps getting stranger and stranger starting with orbs appearing outside at night, then UFOs as well as “Brillo men”,  Grey Aliens and even Roman Soldiers strolling through the property suggesting a possible time travel element.  John claims there are two portals on the property where “beings from other dimensions” constantly come through to our dimension.  John claims the Greys did inappropriate things to his wife so he took action and attacked them with a sword, killing several and even getting tissue samples from one.  As the visits of the Greys become frequent, Joyce levitates so often that John must anchor her to the bed!

Mysterious Topics host John and guest host Lisa sift through the many details of this story, coming mainly from the Edmonds’, in an effort to determine if there is any truth to it or is it just a ruse to get someone ( such as Skinwalker Ranch Owner and Billionaire Robert Bigelow) to purchase the ranch.

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