John talks with Nancy Kozoil of Vermont about some of Vermont’s spooky places including “Jennings Mansion” on the Bennington College Campus.  “The mansion is the inspiration for The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson Nancy stated and spending time there, at any time of day, always gives me a feeling of dread.”


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The Brattleboro Retreat (formerly the Vermont Insane Asylum) has an old tower that patients built and jumped from… to this day people report seeing a figure jump but never hit the ground.


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Emily’s Bridge is another local spot discussed.

Many people who have visited the bridge have experienced disturbing paranormal activity.  People have reported scratch marks appearing on vehicles that were parked on the bridge and being touched or scratched by Emily’s ghost.  Often strange noises are heard on the bridge, such as footsteps, ropes tightening, and a girl screaming. Many  have also reported seeing a white apparition around the area of Emily’s Bridge. People that have parked their vehicle on the haunted bridge say they tend to hear banging noises from Emily hitting the vehicle on the outside, or a dragging sound across the tops of their cars. The most distinct paranormal events tend to take place between the hours of 12 AM and 3:30 AM.


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